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Mind TV:

OC thoughts too stupid to bother my friends with, and too niche to post to tumblr~

Time: 8:39pm - 5-26-24

Topic: Inter-species interactions, platonic affection

Characters: Gull, Cellis

Is this cannon?: Yeah, sure

!TW!: none

Was thainking about Gull and Cellis and inter-species interactions (specifically affection & miss communication)

I feel like Gull forgets he can't show affection in the way that satyrs normally show affection (i.e. play fighting/ wrestling/ headbutting) because of how fragile changelings are just like in general. Like if he wasn't being careful he could probably launch Cellis into the stratosphere. Another thing is actions satyrs see as affectionate are actually very defensive for changelings (like humans smiling and chimps baring their teeth). Satyrs horns are ment for a few things defense/ display/cooling but changelings horns are meant to be purely defensive.

So Gull will like kinda nudge/ gently headbutt Cellis and Cellis kinda freaks out and just stabs him on accident 😭

On the other hand changelings show affection kinda like cats? Just zero personal space whatsoever, and it probably gets on Gulls nerves. Because he'll just be trying to work and this little goblin is just climbing on and biting him.

Also another big thing for Cellis is sharing food as changelings can starve very easily (kinda like vampire bats) so Cellis being willing to share is like kind of a big thing? Doesn't help Cellis normally hates sharing... But the thing is every time Cellis brings Gull food its normally either blood(not something he really needs) or like something just disgustingly sugary (too much sugar is kinda disgusting to Gull) so he just politely declines.

Time: 10:35pm - 5-24-24

Topic: Autism Cross-over episode, Psych

Characters: Irene, Christie, Skinner, Amed, Sidero

Is this cannon?: I wish, but no

!TW!: singular f-slur

Okay because I've been watching a disgusting amount of Psych recently so we’re in for an autism crossover episode.

So here's the HB/SA crossover.

We start on our usual 80s flash-back, Henry’s bringing in Skinner and Amed after a show for murder, but somehow they give him the slip and escape.

Cut to current day the gang decided that they are going in vacation in Stana Barbra, grand return of those heinously loud hawaiian shirts, everything is going great until Amed and Skinner get them selves arrested some kinda way- honestly not a hard feat you can have those two together without some kinda shenanigan happening. They get brought in to the SBPD and while running them through their system and the old murder charge from back in the 80s and they are now currently under like big-boy arrest.

Now it is up to Irene, Christie, Sidero, Shawn and Gus to clear Skinner and Amed's names- the big problem is neither of them remember exactly what happened due to being on a lot of drugs and also being kinda senile by now. During one of their last shows a little after wrapping up someone (probably a groupie) got murdered/ was found dead and they obviously got arrested before deciding to disappear for a while.

Shawn and Christie team up, we’re getting at least one “Shawn Spence, psychic” “Christie, autistic” they work at a similar break-neck pace so they keep having revelations at the exact same time so our first runner is “Hey i said that first!” “No I did!” and then they start cat-slap fighting. Irene and Gus bond over being the sorta straight-men and having the stupidest best friend’s humanly possible. Skinner is low-key old man flirting with Henry (he completely forgot he was the one who arrested him, oops), their sitting on the porch sharing a beer and a preferably non-alcoholic beverage, full arm over the shoulder hand on thigh talking about possibly going fishing sometime. All goes well till Henry brings up being a retired cop and Skinner just makes a face and looks at his non-existent watch and goes “Oh well, looks like I oughta be goin’ now… uh better go check on the gals now- bye.” and just scampers off. Amed and Lassie are just at one another's throat for the entire time, tis just the natural order of things. Jules and Sidero are having their own side plot, like they just get along really well and are just having a nice day out.

The actual killer is revealed to be some local priest or some save-the-children type mom, who killed the groupie to frame the band and have their career ended once and for all; their whole motivating was just getting rid of those damn satanic fags and keep them from corrupting the children. They might have been the one that got them two arrested post flash-back too.

The gang decides to just pack it up and head back to Michigan, and just as the gang actually leaves the second runner comes in as Lassie feels like he’s seen Skinner before (and not from the casefile) and only now recognizes him from a book of old wild west outlaws he had(Borbie house styel). A few other bits are Lassie and Jules are forced to watch concert footage and Carlton is just clutching his pearls the entire time. Also the real end game is Skinner and Woody cuz they are both weird little freaks. Also here’s who buys into Shawn being a “psychic”; Skinner fully believes in him and is SO SCARED he’s just like “What if he knows about all the illegal shit dude D:”, Irene and Christie are skeptical but also they see weird shit all the time so they could care less, and Amed and Sidero KNOW he’s bullshiting but respect the grind, kinda, not really… And out prerequisite pineapple comes in the form of a dinky little air-freshener in Skinners truck.

Time: 7:55pm - 4-11-24

Topic: Accents

Characters: Skinner

Is this cannon?: Unfortunately

!TW!: none

Love Skinner because he’s the most red-blooded american redneck hick, but he’s actually British and lives in michigan. Like i can not pin down what his accent would sound like what so ever, because i imagine it's an awful mix of british/ cockney and southern. Like dude probably says shit like “its real purty innit” and everyone just has to live with that.

Time: 7:55pm - 4-11-24

Topic: Maybe friends?

Characters: Ezekiel, Jordan

Is this cannon?: nah, kinda sorta

!TW!: none

I have no real explanation for this but I feel like Ezekiel and Jordan could get along… Like no real reason I just feel like they would. There both that quite type- something something staring at the stars and their own assigned meanings.

Granted i think any chance of friendship got dashed when Jordan punted Ezekiel's head like a soccer ball lol(oh pardon me there british a ~football~)

Time: 7:52pm - 4-11-24

Topic: Online arguments

Characters: Christie

Is this cannon?: Yeah, sure

!TW!: none

Christie 100% gets into so many arguments online like all the time- mostly aggressively correcting misinformation, but also she is a rightful heckler in like true crime girly youtube comments, because she physically CANNOT stand seeing missinfo of like any kind. Like you bring up something she’s disgustingly knowledgeable in and make a slight mistake she just starts shaking.

Time: 11:43am - 4-8-24

Topic: Problem sleepers, sleepwalking

Characters: Old Nick, Jack, Emory, Soma, Irene, Skinner, Ezekiel

Is this cannon?: Yeah, sure

!TW!: Attempted murder, sleep paralysis, night terrors

Finally got to the sleep part of my psych class. It's a class scene in a movie that foreshadows the plot or explains some important core theme of a movie/ show. So time to talk about the problem sleepers.

While I find the idea of Nick going to bed at like exactly 9:35 because he’s old to be funny, I really do believe he stays up to like 1-3am and then wakes up at like 1-2pm, because he thinks it makes him look like he has friends. Back in the Victorian era it was a thing for fancy rich people to sleep in late because it showed they stayed up partying all night, but Nick has no friends and his “partying” looks like drinking by himself and contemplating what went wrong with his life.

Nick is like the worst sleeper- like ever; he snores loudly, kicks in his sleep, probably grabs the closest item/ person and just clings onto it, he also sleep talks. Also he’s an INCREDIBLY heavy sleeper, you could set off a firework next to his head and he’d still be sound asleep. If he had a phone he’s one of those people who sleeps with “do not disturb” on because he just does not give a shit, whatever happens to you is between you and god. If you ever wanted to know how Nick sleeps with the weight of all his sins, he’s sleeping good alright.

Jack has dealt with pretty constant trauma induced nightmares, sleep paralysis and night terrors for most of his life; he got prescribed medication for it but it doesn't really do much. He’s figured out how to cope, for sleep paralysis he just mentally makes fun of the hatman or whatever for an extended period of time before he doesn't feel scared anymore; he can also just will himself awake from nightmares if they get too bad.

I'm lumping these two together because they're really underbaked… Emory and Soma both have pretty constant nightmares where they both see and can communicate with dead loved ones. Soma also sleepwalks a lot.

Irene also sleep walks if she’s having a nightmare, most of the time waking up someplace that just isn't her bed; on some of the worst occasions she’s found herself standing in the kitchen with a knife.

Skinner is a mega light sleeper, it's really hard for him to unwind enough that he’s able to actually go to sleep. And when he does finally go to sleep the slightest sound or touch and he’s awake again. Oftentimes takes really short naps on the couch and does the whole “I’m not sleeping i'm just resting my eyes” bit. On a sadder note he tends to cry in his sleep.

Ezekiel does a whole bunch of shit in his sleep, like on par with the people who've driven while asleep. Back when he was still alive and his brother was much younger, he would wake to find Ezekiel standing over his bed; there were a few occasions where he attempted to smother his brother with a pillow, he claims that he was only sleep walking/ wasn’t in control of his actions. But also Ezekiel has totally tried to kill his younger brother while awake. He probably tried to assign a religious reason for his sleepwalking, like saying some shit like “that was god taking control of my body.” On a lighter note Ezekiel is one of those freaks who can probably sleep with their eyes open/ fall asleep while standing.

Time: 1:36pm - 4-6-24

Topic: Early to rise late to sleep

Characters: Diana, Emory

Is this cannon?: Yes

!TW!: none

Diana wakes up very early because she’s just one of those early riser freaks, while Emory stays up all night working. So every morning at 5am they have a mild stand off in the living room because Diana just woke up and is about to start her day and Emory is about to go to sleep.

Time: 1:36pm - 4-6-24

Topic: Play Fighting

Characters: Skinner, Amed

Is this cannon?: Yes

!TW!: none

While I have them on the brain and something lighter. Skinner and Amed absolutely beat the shit out of one another daily, like it's play fighting but once you're immortal/ have a high pain tolerance like them, play fighting looks like launching a chair at someone's head.

They definitely have to be reminded to take it outside because they will break shit. Like everyone was super concerned at first but after a while they get used to it and start placing bets on who wins.

Time: 1:27pm - 4-6-24

Topic: Small acts, Smoking, Anxious behavior

Characters: Amed

Is this cannon?: Yes

!TW!: Maybe? unsure but slight talk of anxious behavior around fire

Dipiste Amed having a pretty severe fear of/ trauma around fire she is most definitely a heavy smoker. Like she normally doesn’t having a problem lighting her own cigarettes but if it's been a bad day it might be too much for her; so I imagine she usually has Skinner or Sidero light one for her (admittedly she hates having other people do it for her but sometimes it's too much)

Also I imagine she's quite antsy about people properly ashing cigarettes or other small fires.

Time: 3:43pm - 4-5-24

Topic: Game night, DnD, group activites

Characters: Irene, Christie, Skinner, Amed, Sidero

Is this cannon?: Yeah, sure

!TW!: none

I feel like the gang has a dedicated night where they basically have like game night or some other activity they all do together.

Maybe because I've gone and binged the quinton reviews NSU saga but I can imagine Irene having like a 5 hour long powerpoint about whatever(maybe just a rehash of the NSU saga?) that she subjects the rest of the gang to. Like Christie's super into it, Skinner isn't that into it and probably has to piss but he doesn't want to be rude and get up, Sidero is mildly horrified, and Amed is just asleep. Also Irene is a quinton review fan. This is cannon.

Another bit was the gang plays DnD; Christies the DM and is taking it SO SERIOUSLY, but then Skinner and Amed are just not, like at all. Like they don’t mean it to be rude there, just people you can't sit in the same room with because all it takes for them to start giggling is glancing at one another. Like Christie gets on them about it and they apologize but it only takes 5 seconds before they try not to laugh like the “biggus dickus” bit from monty python. They also make like total joke roles, shit like “I role to seduce the dragon” and then get weirdly good rolls.

Also one can only imagine the CRANAGE of the gang playing monopoly because Skinner, Irene and Amed all grew up with siblings, therefore are VIOLENTLY competitive.

Time: 2:27pm - 4-5-24

Topic: Compare and contrast

Characters: Gull, Cellis

Is this cannon?: Yeah, sure

!TW!: none

I love comparing and contrasting Gull and Cellis to one another.

Like Cellis definitely vapes while Gull smokes fancy imported cigars. Gull drinks straight black coffee while Cellis spends like 10 minutes assembling the most disgustingly surgery thing that I don't think should even be considered coffee. If Gull eats anything too sweet he feels sick and his teeth hurt, but half of Cellis's diet consists of sweets. Cellis is a slack-off who barely does his job and Gull is a strict hardass.

I have no idea where I'm going with this but it's still fun.

Time: 1:50pm - 4-5-24

Topic: TF2, gaming

Characters: Irene, Christie, Skinner, Amed, Sidero, Cellis

Is this cannon?: Yeah, sure

!TW!: none

Okay now i'm think about the gang gaming so heres everyones TF2 mains.

Irene has a pretty balanced spread across classes but favors engie because she likes keeping a far distance, but being able to absolutely bum-rush someone if needed.

Christie is a pyro main, and has like a super chaotic play style. Like no-one knows what the hell she is doing in game but it works so it's not like anyone complains.

Skinner's a medic main and has absolutely no idea what he is doing. Mans has barely any experience with video games, much less multiplayer. So he just kinda runs around blindly and everyone on his team watches in despair as he runs into oncoming fire for like the tenth time. Him and Irene probably get sat on opposite teams and he keeps trying to heal her but it obviously doesn't work so she just has to gently explain it to him.

Amed and Sidero main heavy and medic respectively and every game they reenact meet the medic and everyone hates it. Sidero is also super stingy about healing others; and it and Skinner absolutely melee one another to death every time they see one another.

Bonus, sorta… Cellis is like the worst, most annoying, toxic, try hard ever and everyone hates him if he shows up in match.

Time: 1:22pm - 4-5-24

Topic: FNAF, gaming

Characters: Skinner, Irene, Christie

Is this cannon?: Yeah, sure

!TW!: none

Talking with one of my mutuals and I think I should share this here. Despite it making more sense for HB/SA to take place in like 2009 or like the 2010s Irene really feels like she had a FNAF phase in middle school and being super embarrassed by it. Like I imagine, Irene (and maybe Christie) force Skinner to play FNAF and he barely makes it past night one and doesn't talk to her for like a week.

And then this spiraled into like what if half the gang had a gaming channel. Like Irene is the one who is like the most coherent and actually good at the game mostly, Skinner is absolutely clueless and has to spend like 10 minutes even figurning how to walk in game, and Christie is like back seat gaming and try to give advice on puzzles or complaining about how certain things aren't historically or medically accurate. And then for like 30 minutes they all get distracted because someone has gone on an absolutely unrelated and bizarre tangent.