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Name: Soma Crawford

Age: 25~

Height: 6'7"

Gender ID + Pronouns: She/ They + Demi Girl-Transfem

Species: Human

Occupation: Paranormal Investigator

Orientation + Relationship status: Bi - Dating Rose

Intro + Personality

The initial founder and de facto leader of “Watchmen” a free-lance paranormal P.I. agency, while most of their calls can be chalked up to carbon monoxide poisoning or someone with too much imagination and free time. Soma is the ghost specialist of the team, actually being spiritually sensitive. Not necessarily in the whole psychic who can talk to ghosts' way, but she is able to see them and while communication is not direct messages do get through- even if they are incredibly convoluted and abstract.

The quiet type, she comes off~cool and mysterious~ but it's actually “No my girlfriend isn't being mysterious she's just autistic and doesn't want to talk to you.” deeply passionate about her interest but really struggles to verbalize her feelings. The gang loses her every five minutes because she just keeps walking off without saying anything.


Soma, Richie, Amando and Jordan where all friends through childhood and into highschool, all of them got bullied growing up for a variety of reasons, and in response Soma hardened- she got meaner, and taking what she knew from boxing she started fighting back but her resistance was all the school board noticed. And intermittently she was suspended from school, but never enough that she was forced to switch schools.

Her spiritual sensitivity was inherited from her father, a reporter and a pain in the local police forces ass- she also inherited her interest in the paranormal from him. But unfortunately sometime in highschool he died, the police ruled his death an accidental shooting, but Soma never believed the ruling and has been trying to uncover the truth since.

And shortly after the death of her father something horrible happened to the group, something that they agreed to take to their graves. The group almost immediately dispersed and for years after they stopped speaking to one another.

A few years later while driving one night Soma was ran off the road and in the crash her motorcycle crushed her right foot, she was later found by a passing car and rushed to the hospital; her foot was unsalvageable and had to be amputated. While recovering in hospital was where she actually met Rose, they later started dating after she got out of recovery. But also while in recovery she came up with the idea for Watchmen; once out of the hospital she started to call up Amando, Richie and Jordan, and after some convincing the gangs been back together ever since.



Design notes
Character Relationships

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Jordan: ...