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WARNING!: This article contains discussion of death, murder, and child abuse.

Name: Mary Wright, Bloody Mary

Age: 31, deceased

Height: 5'9"

Gender ID + Pronouns: She/ Her + Cis Woman

Species: Human - spirt

Occupation: Outlaw

Orientation + Relationship status: Bi + Single

Intro + Personality

An oddly forgotten serial killer from the old wild west, now one of the many legends to the origin of the “Bloody Mary” myth. But the validity of the Bloody Mary stuff is still up in the air, her spirit is very real, and as of late she’s become more restless- more visible to those besides Irene.

Too much energy for her own good, as well as incredibly reckless, and unstable, can’t forget that. Her adoptive father spoiled her growing up and never learned how to tell her “no”, he just couldn't bear to see his little girl sad over anything- unfortunately now as an adult that means she does not handle rejection well, like at all. Weirdly preppy? Very friendly but also a menace.


Born a whopping 2 minutes before her sisters, Smantha and Betheny, Mary was considered the oldest of the triplets, but in their birth their mother died leaving their father a widow. Over the years their father grew to despise them, slowly growing more violet with time, and one day when Mary had just turned ten he had become violent once more and had chased her into the family's barn and up into the hayloft and as her father climbed the later she kicked and he lost his balance fell and cracked his skull open and bled out on the floor. Despite it being an accident she panicked and fled into the woods.

She wandered in the woods for a few days before being taken in by two reclusive murders, one insisted that they adopted and raised her, the one who would later become her father, and the other could care less, the one who would become her mother. Her new father insisted on keeping her as far away from their crimes as possible and raise her normally, her mother quite honestly saw her as a nuisance. And it fell mainly on her new father to raiser and he tried his damn best to, he grew up with a similarly abusive father he vowed to be a better father and step up.

One way or another when she was a little older she found she was roped into it, once again her father tried to spare her from the gruesome details as much as possible, but her mother wanted another pawn.

They were forced to flee west by a mob after it was found out they were responsible for the murders; they decided to head further west with migration of others, and by the 1860s they had recruited 2 others and formed a gang of roving cannibalistic murderers. They traveled for a few years, making a living from robbing carriages and banks. Mary's strategy was to come to a more well-off families at night and ask to be let in, if she was allowed they lived if they didn't the rest of the gang would storm and take them hostage and commandeer the house for however long.

The gang's reign of tarot came to an end some place in new mexico the gang got into a shoot out with the sheriff and some vigilantes, Mary was shot multiple times before bleeding out in her fathers arms. Her father and anotember of the gang where taken into custody and executed, her mother and another escaped.

In her death she became something else, a restless spirit, nowhere near as violent and angry as others, but just as restless. Her story has become one of the less-popular origins for the “Bloody Mary” ghost, and who’s to say it isn't her.



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