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Hello and welcome to my silly ass webpage! I’m a (aspiring) horror artist/ writer who one day hopes to create my own comics and ARGs/ unfiction. I wanted to find a good place to settle down and hold all of my projects; here you will find pages dedicated to my art, writing, OC’s, special interests/ hyperfixations, and any big projects. Full disclosure I'm a very reserved and quiet person so it will be a toss up if I respond to any correspondents, my apologies. This site is also still a HUGE wip and will not be finished for a long while, also if you happen to see anything misspelled, no you did not ❤

This Isn't Over Jack is officially In full swing, the first chapter and video are up! TIOJ is a fanmade horror oriented continuation of the TF2 comic “A Smissmas Story.” Catching up 30 years later with Jack and his family, who now started to heal from the trauma of killing a man at the tender age of 8- but any peace is soon shattered as someone is back with a vengeance.

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"The Nefarious Plan is in action..."

Date: 5/20/24-3:16am

Feeling: I know you know im not telling the

i have been watching just a disgusting amount of psych... like just so much. ALSO The gangs all here :D i finished almost everyones refs for HB/SA

Update - 5/20/24: Marys page is up + some minnor tweaks.

Hey link me! :D