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"No title but more colored pencil drawimgsjdn"


Thoughts : So many. Unececary. Key smashes. Good god.

"Im not making you read how I used to type"


Thoughts : N/A

"@babezord in instas 2021 DTIYS"


Thoughts : N/A

"Hi im not deadbndbdndn"


Thoughts : Holy shit I fucking hate how I just did not know how to crop things, theres so much space for no reason

"host1 /hōst/



an animal or plant on or in which a parasite or commensal organism lives."


Thoughts : Husk/ Host and Mantis where like a combo deal, where Husk was just some dude's living corpse who harbored a eldritch horror(Mantis)

"Oh me? Simply call me Mantis, pleasure to meet you."


Thoughts : Dude the amount of fucking sonas ive gone through... Crazy...

"I saw this fucking thing in a dream i had a night ago and i hate it"


Thoughts : This is gonna make this a whole less scarier but in said dream I basicaly playing as spongebob.

"unny lemon man is very fun to draw"


Thoughts : Tbh also kinda popped off with this one, why the fuck did i waste that like spark of tallent on FNF fanart 😭😭, theres also a non-bloddy ver im jus to lazy to make it work rn

"Merry Christmas!!! Happy (possibly late) Hanukkah!!!! And if you don't celebrate any thing i hope you have a good day!!!!!"


Thoughts : N/A

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Notice, this isnt a complete archive of my art at the momemnt just going back to late 2019. Mainly becuease my old art kinda sucks, if you want to see my old shitty middle-school art you can just stalk my socials.