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"On a bit of a roll with drawing old men in dresses, medic might be next who knows

Had a convo with one of my mutuals and it reminded me that I've been meaning to draw Nick in victorian wear, and then I remembered that arsenic dresses are a thing ^^"


Thoughts : Actualy posted seprately on tumblr so here is the link for Nicks

"For @/pappachi's dtiys on insta πŸ‘"


Thoughts : N/A

"To be trans is to be your own pall bearer, to carry the weight of a dead person around with you"


Thoughts : lyrics - Sweet Cis Teen : Dazey and the Scouts === Painting - The Fallen Angel

"Happy Miku day"


Thoughts : N/A



Thoughts : N/A

"Hrm kinda sorta out of it but gotta keep up with the insta grind lest my account dries up...

Anyway hc upon ye, I hc that Nick was a sailor for most of his youth into his 50s/60s when he was finally arrested. And I though it would be interesting to give him those old sailor tattoos, unfortunately there probably not historically accurate (i do know that sailors had tattoos in the 1780s but I just couldn't find a ref)"


Thoughts : something in the meantime while i animate, also good luck seeing any of them through that hair πŸ’€

"Happy valintines day

Lowkey ripped from a Katy Keene illustration (shhh) I feel like Christie probably really likes valintines day but its kinda ironic because she's super awkward about affection sometimes"


Thoughts : N/A

"Uhh I'm gonna get a wee sappy with this one

But I've finally manged to start T with the help of one of my friends, and I'm admittedly like a week or two later still kinda emotional abt it, so as a treat I think I'll trans that old man's gender

Its insane how long this ugly motherfucker has been with me, like my special interest started back in middle school and now I'm in college; its crazy how time flys ig. Here's to loving that old man for many more years to comeπŸŽ‰"


Thoughts : apperantly old nicks tits where too powerful for my phone and cuased it to shut down, but that could also just could have been tumblr mobile being shite. also credit where its due i totatly cribbed the corset-brassitere/bust-flattener-binder idea from marwlowe lune, love his artπŸ‘

"Tbh I've lost a lot of motivation to draw... trying to get back into things with one of those greyscale random color pallet things"


Thoughts : N/A

"Merry (late) crisis and happy holidays, I decided to be indulgent this year bc I feel I worked very hard and deserve it for once and do one of those silly goth kid takes photo with Santa but instead with this miserable loser lol, hope everyone had a good holiday season cause I sure didn't"


Thoughts : N/A

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Notice, this isnt a complete archive of my art at the momemnt just going back to late 2019. Mainly becuease my old art kinda sucks, if you want to see my old shitty middle-school art you can just stalk my socials.