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Warning: nudity- that old man just got his pussy out

"Happy pride, consider this rent lowering gun shots-

I think I deserve a treat this year, I'm sorry I couldn't get more done for pride but artfight is upon me…

Y’know what it's my website i can be cringe and sappy if i want. Being able to draw one of my favorite and most meaningful characters like me is just so like freeing? Comforting? Idk the right word but it's a good emotion- it just feels good. Nick as a character means a lot to me (being i've had a 5ish year running special interest in him) like as embarrassing is to say he is legitimately transition goals. There's just something about his looks and masculinity that just is so appealing and also so affirming. I don't wanna be one of those smooth twinks- like I've always been hairy and fat, and being able to grow into that in a way that fits and feels right, is just somethin’...

And there's something to be said about him being old as balls- like i wanna be old! I don't wanna clock out at like 35! I wanna be an old man- I wanna out live the people who want me and others like me dead.

So here's to growing old and being trans- we will persits."


I actually still have more to say but about the actual art this time lol. God is it fun to draw older people, it just gives me so many chances to draw all sorts of little details- wrinkles, spots, veins, stretch marks… and all for it to be engulfed by all that body hair…. Now i think about it Nick gets a lil hairier every time i draw him (im normal about him) I wish i didn't procrastinate as hard as i did because i feel i could have gone a lil harder, at least on the surrounding bc i spent most of my time on him lol.

"Commission of Hunter for a friend of mine (@/ordercarnivora on insta) ^^"


ooooooh you wanna commission me so baddddd you wanna give me money ooooooooh

"The Nefarious Plan is in action...

I feel I should say I've only listened to like 16 seconds of a Blink-182 song and did not enjoy it, I just really need to get my millage of his nurse costume, okay?"


Fun fact that nurses costume techincally violates the geneva convention

"Based on Arthur Ferrier's "The Loot of the Rainbow" + the queer and genderfluid flags for Leo ^^"



"Lenore Loomington redesign, God did mattel do her dirty... I can't believe they didn't go harder on like a lot of aspects? Like victorian mourning wear was right there"



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Notice, this isnt a complete archive of my art at the momemnt just going back to late 2019. Mainly becuease my old art kinda sucks, if you want to see my old shitty middle-school art you can just stalk my socials.