Date: 5/20/24-3:16am

Feeling: I know you know im not telling the

i have been watching just a disgusting amount of psych... like just so much. ALSO The gangs all here :D i finished almost everyones refs for HB/SA

Update - 5/20/24: Marys page is up + some minnor tweaks.

Mine - Toadies

Date: 5/16/24-7:25am

Feeling: in pain & going insane

ough.. ive got carpl tunnle or smth, so im forced to take a "break" for a bit.. trying to do a stay up all night and day to fix my sleep scheduel thing, pray for lads. also been watching a lot of psych, having fun

Update - 5/16/24: Sider + Ezekiels pages up, + some minnor tweaks.

Got A Heart - Toadies

Date: 5/6/24-2:03pm

Feeling: Good

Re-watching gravity falls, am enjoying myself; probably gonna work on mary's or sidero's ref next. will be adding guestbook soon... that is if i remember...

Update - 5/6/24: Amed's page is up.

Rum to Whiskey - Murder City Devils

Date: 4/26/24-7:15pm

Feeling: mixed emotions

Finished alice madness retursn so im probs gonna be super annoying abt that, unfortunately i procrastinated so hard im probs gonna to have to wait till next april to apply for my majors program... I prommy i'll get to work on Rose and Somas profiles soon, have 4 more ppl left for hb/sa.

Update - 4/5/24: Added Mind TV + Leo's page is up + minor tweaks

Rum to Whiskey - Murder City Devils

Date: 4/11/24-10:03am

Feeling: okay

Got my creeproduction and hunted runway spectra's in today- planning on working on a page for my doll collection but i need to take photos of everyone and we've had some shitty weather recently and i wanna get some good photo's outside.

Update - 4/5/24: Added Mind TV + Leo's page is up + minor tweaks

Disasterpiece - Slipknot

Date: 4/7/24-9:17am

Feeling: full

Due to the fact its my birthday i feel entitled to one act of gluttony and one act of cringe respectively. Not feeling as exstential about turning 19 as i did turning 18...

Update - 4/5/24: Added Mind TV + Leo's page is up + minor tweaks

Flowers by the Door - T.S.O.L.

Date: 4/5/24-2:51am

Feeling: ehhhh

Feeling sick so i had to skip class so im not too happy about that... gotta try and get back into working on stuff...

Flowers by the Door - T.S.O.L.

Date: 3/28/24-12:33am

Feeling: okay

went to the zoo yesterday with my friend bc he's back in town, first time ive really left the house besided for class >feels good man. Been trying to get back into writing oc pages, sorry for slow updates

Update - 3/2/24: Irene's page is up + minor tweaks

Flowers by the Door - T.S.O.L.

Update - 2/28/24: Cellis's page is up + minor tweaks

Update - 2/26/24: Gullinkambi's page is up.

Update - 2/1/24:Navigation + links page is up.

Date: 2/15/24-10:26pm

Feeling: okay

bwah.... Okay ive gotta get back to the grind of writing, also am gonna slowly work through oc profiles so if you see like a page pop up with like lore ipsum text or whatever just ignore it lol

Sell Yourself Lightly - The Family Crest

Date: 2/1/24-3:48pm

Feeling: okay

Got around to cleaning... mfw feels good man. Also got back in to ACNL not even in animal crossing and i safe from the ghost shirts

Update - 2/1/24:Navigation + links page is up.

rayquaza ex - exodia

Date: 1/27/24-4:04pm

Feeling: okay

bwah i have two oc profies on the back burner but my brain is refusing to work...

Update - 1/27/24:Added favicoms, updated graphics.

Prime Mover - Ghost

Date: 1/23/24-6:38pm

Feeling: unwell

uhhh been sick on and off for like the last week and im defently not doing myself any favors by eating raw basicly exspired raw meat... im not a smart man okay... pray for me lads...

Update - 1/22/24:Christies article up, mostly finished.

Prime Mover - Ghost

Date: 1/19/24-8:0pm

Feeling: okay

First like irl college class, was pretty chill. Got the first oc glossary up and open, and of course its the favorite child. Next is Navigation. God i need to make Skinner a new ref

Update - 1/19/24:Uploaded first OC glossary entry- Skinner.

Got the Life - Korn

Date: 1/16/24-3:33pm

Feeling: out of it

Its cold as hell today and will probably be colder tmrw, at least I dont hvae to drive to class tmrw. Planing on focusing on lore wiki, but not sure how to go about it, thinking of getting at lease 1 article down b4 publishing

Update - 1/16/24:Added Works page + updated and added more stamps to Graphics page.

Head Like a Hole - NIN

Date: 1/14/24-2:40pm

Feeling: Happy

My friend is home for a bit very excited to see him, forcing him to make a neocities page as i type :D

Update - 1/12/24:Added Graphics page.

Caesar on a TV Screen - The Last Dinner Party

Date: 1/11/24-10:pm

Feeling: procrastinating...

Starting college like next week and all i wanna do is play minecraft... my world is very ~aesthetic~ tho, trying to get back into writing, drawing and coding again...

Update - 1/11/24:Working on OC and lore glossary, won't be functional for a while.

Caesar on a TV Screen - The Last Dinner Party

Date: 12/31/23-3:54pm

Feeling: Vaugely annoyed

2023 art recap up, also gonna be doing a big intrest recap thing here and on insta if ur into that. Also vaugely annoyed with my mother, so in other news the sky is blue

Update - 12/29/23:Changed "Page not found" page.

Possum Kingdom - Toadies

Date: 12/25/23-4:55am

Feeling: could b better

Honestly Im feel a bit better now... sleep schedule is still fucked up tho (my sleepy ass would NOT survive NOES) feels good to hvae a home page that doesnt look like hot grabage tho so thats cool, also happy holidays ig

Update - 12/29/23:Changed "Page not found" page.

Supremacy - Muse

Update - 12/25/23:Added To-do list and new art preview, updated main page text.

Date: 12/22/23-5:47am

Feeling: Depressed

I will not lie i don't think i've dealt with depression this bad in a long while, i feel absoulty fucking miserable... hopefuly seeing my friend today will cheer me up; also gonna try and start updating here more often instead of bed rotting so i at least feel a bit productive.

Update - 12/22/23: Added a dedicated section for website buttons, changed main warning banner

Open Wide - Slutever

Date: 12/18/23-4:26pm

Feeling: Tired but happy

I DID IT IM FINALY FREE THE FIRST CHAPTER OF THIS ISNT OVER JACK IS OFFICALY UP WAHHHH, eough anyway im gonna go smoke myself into a coma, eat like a king and play the shit out of some pokemon

Update - 12/12/23: Added more pop-ups

Zenith - Ghost

Date: 12/12/23-3:32pm

Feeling: Mildly annoyed & In pain

WAS just gonna bitch abt how they added Krampus to the new smissmas update(Old Nick is RIGHT THERE idc if he's dead) but apparently jokingly saying "i think i might kill someone" is against community guidlines... and y'know not the actual vitriolic hate on the platfrom

Update - 12/12/23: Added more pop-ups

Zenith - Ghost

Date: 12/6/23-10:32pm

Feeling: Tired & Sore

Did the big boy thing and went in to do colledge class redgstraion 👍 also woke up weirdly sore? like my whole ribcage hurts. Might hold off on big updates here for a week or so for comic stuff, only have like 4-5 pages left

Update - 12/8/23: Tried to fix/ changed hit counter

If You Have Ghosts - Ghost

Date: 12/4/23-7:56pm

Feeling: Upset

This is really stupid but I hate how easily my mood can be ruined because of small things (POV autism), tis it a crime to covet chicken tenders?

Update - 12/4/23:Added hit counter + note pad archive

If You Have Ghosts - Ghost

Date: 12/3/23-2:48pm


Updated the what ever this is to be bigger bc im a wordy bitch, slapping site updates in here too. The lore wiki is gonna take a WHILE bc i have over 20+ oc's and an unececary amount of lore, and i cant keep procrastinating on TIOJ its gonna have to wait a lil bit.

Update - 12/4/23:Added this new diary pop up

Monkey see, Monkey do - Moon Walker